A Memoir

Well...I finished my first book of the 2016 Reading Challenge, and let me tell you...

When I pick up a book from a used book store, or a book swap, or a garage sale, I cross my fingers and make a wish that it will be a treasure.  I hold high hopes that this book has found its way onto my shelf for a reason...that I was meant to read it in order to enrich my life and that it will give me that validation I am yearning for that, Yes! I am on the right path.  So much PRESSURE! ;)

This just happened.

Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love was very popular quite a few years back, and while I do own the book (another used book haul), I have yet to read it.  But what made me reach for this one when I saw it was the fact that I had the opportunity to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak at a photography conference (imagine that) a couple years back and she blew me away.  The natural gift of storytelling this woman possesses captivated me.  I wanted to own everything she had ever written.  And then I flew back home to Cleveland to my husband and my two children with their sweet faces smooshed against the windows of the car at the airport pickup, and I realized that I probably wouldn't have much time for actually locking myself in my bedroom and reading all the books she had ever written.  So when I saw this bright *orange cover screaming at me (TAKE ME HOME!), I snatched it up anyway.  This is the first book I have actually read of her's, and it will not be the last.

Let me preface this next sentence with this: I love my life and if I had not been through everything in my past I might not be where I am today.  But this book would have come in handy around the year 2000.  I am so convinced that I was meant to read this book that I am making my husband (not much of a reader) read this book.  There are so many wonderful reflections on relationships and marriage, and there are countless examples and testaments of human tendencies and pitfalls...I seriously want to buy this book for every person between the ages of 17-30.  This isn't to say that I agree with everything the author has to say regarding marriage - we are very different people in some respects (we could be the same person, in others).  But the beauty of this book is that the commonalities and differences between human beings is explored and examined and poked and prodded and dissected - the outcome is that our happiness is directly affected by the choices we make.  We are not victims in marriage (or divorce).  Happiness doesn't happen to us, we must be activists in our own contentment.

Anyway...read it.  And if you hate it, you can send me your copy because I know some people who could use it.  AND!  If you read it and you want to talk about it, leave me comments on this post.  I would love to chat about it.

On to my next book! :)

* The cover is now blue, FYI.